Suzie Q Hemp Strain Review

Suzie Q hemp strain

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We all have a Suzy in our minds and hearts—a lovely, sweet person who brings joy to the sight and makes the air seem filled with a calming and attractive aroma. Its presence has a delightful effect and a touch that feels like a warm hug to the soul. It is a company to live the evening like the best story ever, one where the end is just the epilogue of a new morning. That is how Suzie Q’s experience feels.

Suzy Q, or Suzie Q, is an Indica hemp strain that stands above any other because of its tremendous 25% CBD concentration at 0.3% THC levels. This characteristic brings users potent therapeutic effects capable of curing aches from the body to the spirit. With such a concentration, it is best to use it before going to bed, as it will make you rest very well. We don't have this specific strain, but check out our other indica-dominant flower.


Like a nymph in the forest, Suzy Q smells like fresh pine with pleasant woodsy notes. The terpene profile feels familiar and cozy, like resting in a cabin in the woods. The natural fragrance comes with subtle earthy and dank notes released by the grounded buds.

At the same time, the experience continues in the thick smoke with a rich aroma profile that keeps up the spiciness of the aftertaste. The taste of Suzie Q caresses your palate with the scent of wood and floral richness. A fantasy of spicy cinnamon tingles in your tongue as the smoke comes out from your throat to your lips.

The taste and the sense of the smoke are potent, so it is best to inhale and exhale slowly so that you can appreciate the terpene profile in all its spectrum. The terpene profile of the Suzy Q hemp strain offers a strong entourage effect, empowering the calming and anti-inflammatory effects of hemp—the flavor and fragrance complement perfectly the mood and experience of Suzy Q.


Suzy Q is a source of CBD enchantment so potent that the body effects seem psychoactive, starting with the buzz so characteristic of THC strains. For instance, you may feel a slight pressure behind the middle of your eyes that tells you that you are at the threshold of a potent cannabis experience.

The experience of Suzy is so palpable; imagine a bit of warm scud from your eyes moving to the base of your nape. It begins with a tingly sensation creeping slowly through your spine, covering your core and limbs, and putting you in a completely relaxed mood: no pain, no perturbing thoughts, just a light mind in a pleasantly heavy body. Still, you are not off the ground. You are lucid and even more imaginative.

A clear-minded state improves the moments of thinking, so your ideas do not seem clouded or blurred anymore; they are there for you to see them calmly and clearly with no inhibitions or shades. Suzy Q takes your hand to be creative or just watch the view without concern. Furthermore, the outstanding CBD levels of Suzy Q maximize the medical benefits of the strain.

Suzy Q is a reprieve for users suffering from chronic aches like lupus or arthritis, thanks to its potent analgesic incidence and the anti-inflammatory actions of the terpenes. And, of course, it relieves all symptoms of stress and anxiety without the paranoid aftereffects of regular THC.

Suzie Q Hemp Strain Genetics

Suzie Q’s natural look resembles a spade, with a broad, soft base that closes in a pointy end and long leaves that encircle the flower in a loose way with their olive green color with dark shades. The flower is decked out with brown and orange pistils and tiny trichomes.

Growing Information

Suzy Q grows perfectly outdoors or indoors, while cultivators succeed in keeping semi-humid climate conditions with proper light and daytime temperatures between 70°F and 80°F. Consider that this strain grows tall, and then you may trim it skillfully to use your indoor space efficiently.

Flowering Time

  • 9 to 10 weeks.


Thinking of growing and owning such a plant with its beauty and benefits makes Suzie Q’s seeds the most wanted in the cannabis world. Fortunately, there are trustworthy vendors to buy them online. Get three seeds for 29.99 USD, 10 for 99.99 USD, or 25 for 299.99 USD. If you need more, feel free to contact the vendor.

Suzie Q Hemp Strain Price

Suzy Q is at the reach of a click; get some of its buds in your hands and indulge in the joy of smelling, breaking them down gently, and smoking it. Of course, you can always try to do some edibles and live the experience this strain offers in many other ways.

Buy them online and get a quarter of an ounce for 34.99 USD or one ounce for 99.99 USD. It is always crucial to get your products from a reliable vendor that can offer a top-quality cannabis experience and care for your health.

Enjoy Suzy Q and other fine Indica strains like Botany Farms’ Sour Special Sauce hemp strain and its appealing combination taste of berries and diesel while enjoying its relaxing and mind-clearing effects.

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