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Sweet Grass hemp bud

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Indica Sleep THCA
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While lying on the grass, you look at the blue, barely cloudy sky. Everything is peacefully quiet; you focus your attention on the clouds passing by and the touch of the grass in your skin and through your clothes. The world is now bigger and, at the same time, more simple. The Sweet Grass has taken away everything that keeps you from living the moment.

The Sweet Grass hemp strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid with an excellent 14.7% CBD concentration while THC levels keep under 0.3%. This strain is the perfect companion for any time of the day as it boosts your energy and makes you feel happy and optimistic for any task and challenge that you could come across.


Get ready when opening the jar; this Sweet Grass smells strong. The first impression is a fruity aroma that is like a burst of sweetness. Then come the citrus notes to make this combination the perfect flavor, with some skunky undernotes and a whiff of berries.

When you grind the buds, the resin releases the classic earthy scent and makes the sweet and skunky smell even more potent. The taste of the Sweet Grass hemp strain makes you want to go outside for hiking in the morning if you are the adventurous type, or going out for a tranquil and fun walk in the park if you feel in a calmed mood.

At first, you will sense the citrus notes that make way to the tingly herbal notes that lead to a skunky aftertaste. The smoke is thick and smelly. The fragrance of earthy scent and the robust fruit sweetness feels organic. The entourage effect that comes with the Sweet Grass terpene profile lifts your mood and gets you ready for an empowered Sativa experience.


Sweet Grass does an excellent Sativa job. Its genetics make this an ideal strain to use at any time of the day. The energy increase is noticeable from the start, you can feel your body lightened, and if you are doing any physical activity, you will perceive your stamina is augmented. You can breathe better, so you feel ready to confront any task or challenge. There is a solid mental and emotional incidence.

The effects will clear your mind taking away all of the overwhelming charges of thoughts that cause anxiety. Besides, you will feel intense happiness and optimism accompanied by a relaxed mood that endures in time. The medical benefits are always present due to the CBD content of the plant.

This strain is a star among medical users seeking to alleviate chronic pain and fight anxiety and nausea. Users report fantastic effects, decreasing the episodes of seizures, multiple sclerosis, and tremors. Thanks to the CBD and low levels of THC, there are no paranoid after effects.

Sweet Grass Hemp Strain Growing Genetics

Sweet Grass has mysterious linage, so their parents are unknown. Still, its genetics made such a great hybrid that growers can now cross to create fantastic hemp strains. As a result, users will have unforgettable experiences living with high-quality cannabis products.

The best way to describe the phenotype of the Sweet Grass hemp strain is green! Multiple tunes of green with tiny, frosty trichomes cover all compact nugs and large smelly leaves. These buds are full of rich smelly resin that will get your fingers sticky. This product looks, smells, and tastes like marijuana, so please consume with caution.

Growth Information

This plant is always an excellent choice to grow; it is easy to cultivate outdoors and indoors while they are in a warm and sunny climate to give you the most significant yield possible for this strain. The CBD levels may vary and reach their maximum benefits outdoors when applying love and discipline when growing it.


The seeds of the Sweet Grass hemp strain are fortunately available to buy online so that you can get 25 seeds for 250.00 USD, 100 seeds for 600.00 USD, and up to 2500 seeds for 2000.00 USD. This product is a must-own to enjoy and share with your friends.

Sweet Grass Hemp Strain Price

You can always buy online the buds of this hemp strain for 30.00 USD an eight on an ounce, half an ounce for 45.00 USD, or an entire ounce for 150.00 USD and live the experience these sticky compact buds have to offer.

Sweet Grass is a must-try strain for any new and accustomed user. It is always best to find a reliable vendor that cares about the quality of the experience you get from your product and your health. That is why Botany Farms offers you the best of the cannabis industry with the Suver Haze hemp strain, a remarkable Sativa with a robust terpenes profile that will put you in the mood to seize your day at maximum.

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