What is Terpinolene?

Terpinolene in nature

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Terpinolene is one of the organic compounds responsible for the fragrance and flavor of several plants as sage, lilac, rosemary, conifer, and apple trees. It also has an important role in the constitution of essential oils. While Terpinolene is not a protagonist in the terpenes profile where it is present, it contributes significantly to the complexity and joy of the sensory experience terpenes provide.

What does Terpinolene do?

It is easy to associate terpenes with cannabis plants as these are crucial in the experience that cannabis products provide you. A terpene profile in a cannabis strain is like a music band; it has a set of instruments, some are dominant, and you can hear them well in every song like an electric guitar; others are like a bass. You need a good stereo or a trained ear to appreciate their details. If terpene has a high concentration in your buds, they will taste and smell more like it. In the case of Terpinolene, although it is present in many strains, you will always find it in small concentrations, so its woodsy, herbal and smoky taste is not dominant. Hence, Terpinolene is the bass of the terpenes that adds complexity and joy to the music of cannabis.

Terpinolene Effects

All terpenes have therapeutical effects in addition to their aroma. Some of the most common are anti-inflammatory and soothing actions, but every one of them has a particular impact on your organism. In the case of Terpinolene, users report an alleviation of migraine when consuming cannabis strain rich in this terpene via its relaxation incidence on the nerves and its capacity to reduce anxiety. Terpinolene in cannabis empowers the effects of the cannabinoids, serving as a potential complementary treatment to reduce insomnia as it relaxes your central nervous system and has sedative effects, sending you to peacefully to bed when not causing a couch lock.

Terpinolene Uses

The cannabis industry is not the only one that profits from the benefits of terpenes, but the cosmetic industry uses terpenes widely in household products because of their aromatic properties. As a result, maybe you are using a bar of soap, perfume, or an insect repellent that has Terpinolene in it. Still, the isolated terpinolene has some more benefits than only aromatic.

Terpinolene Benefits

Terpinolene has an appealing variety of potential medical benefits in research that might be of enormous help to fight and prevent dangerous diseases like cancer. The following list is some of the medical properties of Terpinolene:


A 2015 study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology found a relation between the Terpenoline present in the oil produced from tea trees and an essential reduction of the fungus called Botrytis cinerea that significantly damages wine grapes, among other plants.


A 2010 study from the journal Natural Product Research found that essential oils with 6% of Terpinolene inhibited the growth of a bacterium found in soil and the gastrointestinal tracts of humans called Bacillus subtilis. Thus, Terpenoline, as part of the constitution of essential oils, has antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits.


Like other terpenes and cannabinoids, Terpinolene is a potent antitumor agent and potentially prevents and fights cancer. Terpinolene also helps reducing inflammation and oxidative damage, which are both associated with cancer. Still, much more research is needed.


A 2013 study published in The Journal of Natural Medicines showed that essential oils with Terpinolene have a sedative effect in animals after being inhaled by the object of study. The sedative incidence of terpenes is a shared experience among cannabis users.

Terpinolene Strains


This flavored blueberry strain has a pleasant spicy sensation when exhaling the herbal smoke. Terpinolene provides the herbal over notes that fill the room alongside the earthy and spicy scent when you break down the buds. This Sativa hybrid has a CBD concentration between 12% and 18% to relieve pain and bringing relaxation.

Juicy Fruit

This Sativa strain offers the joy of tropical flavors with a juicy sweetness scent that empowers its outstanding 20.7% CBD concentration! The terpene profile rich in Terpinolene maximize the healing power of CBD in this plant with its woodsy herbal tones and its long-lasting effects.

Utopia Haze

Utopia is a star among the Haze family with its rocket 22% THC content and its robust set of terpenes where Terpinolene, Myrcene, Linalool, and Pinene provide the Utopia Haze strain with a perfect combination that gives haze fans a unique, memorable experience.

Fire Angel

The Terpinolene in this strain is intense, with an average concentration of 0.70%. This terpene is the most dominant in the Fire Angel experience, so if you want to try what Terpinolene is like, this is an excellent option. Besides the woodsy herbal flavor of Terpinolene, you can sense the citrus of Limonene, among others.

Grape Gum

Grape Gum is a perfect Sativa to use during the day with an energizing 18% THC concentration and a refreshing citrus flavor that delivers relaxation while staying fully functional, making this strain a companion during physical tasks and outdoors adventures.

Terpinolene Flavor

In nature, you can find Terpinolene’s aroma and flavor in coniferous trees, so pick up a pine cone and indulge in the woodsy smell of its terpenes where Terpinolene is present. The taste of it can be smoky, woody, floral, herbal, and occasionally citrusy, making Terpinolene one of the most complex terpenes in terms of aroma and taste.

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