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With its lineage going back decades, the Sour family of strains can now safely be considered among the most widespread and widely lauded dynasties in the world of cannabis. Sour Lights comes as a new addition to this venerable line, but can it live up to the expectations that come with its name? Let’s find out in this quick review!

What is the Sour Lights Strain?

A Sativa hybrid with a faint, but noticeable Indica influences, Sour Lights is a new spin on the tried and tested Sour Sativa strain formula. With influences from all over the spectrum, high THC counts, and a thoroughly mixed flavor profile, this looks like one versatile strain indeed.

While strong, Sour Lights is by no means an “experts only” kind of strain. Quite the opposite: the smooth buzz should be enjoyable, yet easy to manage enough that just about anyone can have a taste without worry.

Sour Lights Strain Appearance

Dense, appreciably large buds with a thick coat of faintly colored trichomes all over, signal that Sour Lights means business. Indeed, the strain really rocks the quintessential look of a high-powered Sativa. Thick light brown hairs fill out the rest of the picture, giving Sour Lights a truly alluring presence.

Sour Lights Strain Genetics

With its extended relatives in the Sour family being quite huge in number, to say the least, Sour Lights’ exact lineage is a bit hard to track down. There is some Diesel influence – some sources cite NYC Diesel, others propose Sour Diesel OG – which adds a welcome sour bite and fuel-heavy aroma to the strain. At least one more Sour strain makes for one of Sour Lights’ direct ancestors.

Sour Crack is often mentioned as a possible candidate, though there is also the similar strain Sour Stomper. In fact, Sour Lights might have been originally created by means of a novel three-way blend between the former two and the widely lauded Skywalker strain. Many dispensaries cite this lineage, even if it hasn’t been confirmed without a doubt.

In any case, Sour Lights follows in the tradition of classic Sour strains by balancing heavy Sativa influences with varying textures and some novel Indica spice, from Skywalker for instance. This makes Sour Lights a more thoroughly mixed and unique strain in terms of genetics than many others in the Sour family.

THC/CBD Content

Like most of its brethren, Sour Lights is an example of a high-THC Sativa, with concentrations topping out at a highly respectable 25% in our testing. CBD levels are next to non-existent as you’d expect, hovering between 0.01% and 0.2% in all our samples.

Sour Lights Strain Terpenes

The terpene profile of Sour Lights shouldn’t be too great of a surprise if you’ve handled other Sour strains before. Caryophyllene and Pinene dominate, with large amounts of myrcene contributing to the spicy, gassy, and skunky feel of this modern classic Sativa strain.

Sour Lights Strain Effects

Upon lighting up a dose of Sour Lights, you’ll be greeted with a sudden wave of euphoria that instantly transports you to a higher plane free of worries and stress. This high continues to build up and remains at its peak for a surprisingly long time, during which you will be able to benefit from excellent relaxation and a peaceful state of mind.

At the same time, this high never gets close to being overbearing, and you can expect yourself to retain full awareness of your surroundings even at the very peak. Intermittent boosts of energy will also motivate you to get creative and get some work done, making this a very productivity-friendly Sour strain.

Physical stimulation is excellent, and suffice it to say that Sour Lights scored very highly with us in terms of pain relief. If you’re looking for a top-grade strain for muscle relaxation, for instance, put Sour Lights near the top of your list! The same goes for many other therapeutic uses from treating mood disorders to seizures and sleep problems.

Sour Lights has demonstrated an admirable level of performance in all of these applications, making it a rising favorite among medicinal users of Sativa strains.

Sour Lights Strain Reported Flavors

If you’ve been with us since the original Sour Diesel hit the scene, Sour Lights is going to bring a smile to your face. The fuel is strong with this one, and complex layers of fresh soil, herbs, and pine immediately pop out after the first inhale. Some fruity citrus tones keep the mood light and trade places with thick coats of diesel as you keep going.

Sour Lights Strain Growing Info

While this strain is still little-known and fresh, preliminary results show that Sour Lights should not be a terribly challenging strain to grow yourself, in line with most of its closest relatives.

With a flowering time of between six and eight weeks on average and yields of roughly 550 grams per plant indoors, Sour Lights doesn’t exactly knock things out of the par, but it also doesn’t disappoint by any means.

Like most Sativas and especially those in the Sour group, Sour Lights prefers warmer climates and might be easier to grow indoors as a result depending on where you live. Also like many Sativas, Sour Lights tends to grow vertically quite a bit, so keep those pruning shears close by and be ready to trim the tops when necessary.

Strains Like Sour Lights Strain

In our review, Sour Lights demonstrated its strengths as a novel and fresh entry in a long line of equally excellent Sativa hybrids. But what if one isn’t enough and Sour Lights has whetted your appetite for more? Below, we’ve assembled a lineup of some of the most exciting and satisfying alternative strains for you to consider. If you loved Sour Lights, you are sure to find some new favorites among the ones below!

Delta-8 Flower

While Sour Lights fits the profile of the quintessential high-THC Sativa blend, it is not just strains similar in composition that can demonstrate many of the same pleasant qualities.

Indeed, a large number of our recent favorites have been Delta-8 flowers, a unique and new class of marijuana that is taking the world by storm. Compared to “traditional” weed strains, Delta-8 flowers offer superior relaxation and physical stimulation, including even more potent relief from pain and anxiety (if you could believe it), in addition to less pronounced side effects.

That last bit should be particularly relevant for those with a sensitivity to regular Delta-9 THC, but anyone can benefit from the unique characteristics of Delta-8 flowers, as the below top picks show!

Delta-8 Sour Lifter

What better way to kick off this list of the best strains like Sour Lights than with a fellow Sour derivative? Sour Lifter has always held a position near the top of our favorites list, but its transformation into a Delta-8 strain has only helped its character and charm to express itself more fully.

With high cannabinoid counts and a buttery-smooth high, along with a colorful mix of terpenes, you can expect the same kind of euphoric-stimulant high that you’re already familiar with coming from Sour Lights.

However, a more playful flavor that toys with a higher variety of fruity and sour tones and a funkier aroma make Delta-8 Sour Lifter somewhat more of a morning strain. This is only confirmed by the Delta-8’s smoother, gentler, and more relaxing effects qualities.

Delta-8 Sour Hawaiian Haze

An unconventional take on the Sour formula, Sour Hawaiian Haze has enjoyed immense success over the past couple of years. Its fruity aroma full of grapes, guava, mango, and other tropical fruits is a novel change from the more straightforward funky-gassy vibes we’re used to from other Sour contemporaries.

When it was released as a hot new option for 2021, it quickly became a favorite with us at Botany Farms. With that kind of swift success, a Delta-8 variant seemed inevitable, and it’s not much surprise to us that it soon arrived and even managed to surpass the original in popularity in some ways.

With excellent euphoric highs and zero drowsiness even when coming down, Sour Hawaiian Haze is incredibly versatile, even more so in its new Delta-8 guise. Whether used as a quick fix to keep you going through the day or as a lift-me-up early in the morning, it’s always a joy.

Delta-8 Sour Elektra

Unlike the other two top Delta-8 flowers on our list, Sour Elektra originated as an unrelated blend – a heavy Sativa hybrid stemming from the legendary AC/DC crossed with Early Resin Berry.

This Elektra strain was crossed with a sample of Gorilla Glue #4 and re-released as Sour Elektra, with an added spicy, diesel-like layer to its flavor profile that gained it admission to the huge line of Sour marijuana strains. Now, the final evolution of Elektra is upon us in the form of Delta-8 Sour Elektra.

Like all its predecessors, it is a mostly sweet strain with a harsh diesel-like aftertaste and daytime-friendly euphoric effects. Thanks to that extra Delta-8, this newest version is bigger and badder than the ones that came before it in just about every way!

CBD Flower

While Delta-8 has arguably stolen the show in a way, good old CBD flowers still have plenty of perks of their own that shouldn’t be overlooked. Perfect for pain relief and with excellent anti-anxiety properties but placing absolutely no strain on your mind and keeping your thoughts sharp and easily focused, CBD flowers are still king for most medical uses.

Sour Hawaiian Haze

The Delta-8 version might pack a solid punch, but the original Sour Space Candy is no slouch either! In high-CBD spec, it’s one of our favorite strains for pure, relaxing daytime fun with not much fuss. Expect the same excellent terpene profile and those mild euphoric highs, as well as stellar therapeutic benefits compared to the Delta-8 breed.

Sour Space Candy

With its pale purple buds and classic funky aroma, “Space” is right: this strain is all about lifting you up sky-high and letting all those worries float off into the ether. A perennial CBD favorite, you really can’t go wrong with some classic SSC. Gorilla Glue-like physical stimulation and a flavor profile rich in berries and – who guessed it – sour sweets make this one of the most universally popular strains of its kind.

Super Sour Space Candy

If all that sounded fine and good to you, but you’re just looking to squeeze out a little bit more oomph, then Super Sour Space Candy is just what you need. A beefed-up, higher-octane version of its venerable ancestor, everything has been upgraded with Super SSC.

From a harsher, stronger, more gas-like taste to a more euphoric and energetic effects profile, this is the perfect party-friendly counterpart to the more day-to-day-compatible original. At Botany Farms, this strain is also available as a neat one-gram pre-roll – perfect for those who want to waste no time and who prize convenience and ease of use! 

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