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Indica Sleep THCA
Indica Sleep THCA
Hybrid Relax THCA
Hybrid Relax THCA
Focus Sativa THCA
Focus Sativa THCA
Hybrid Relax THCA
Hybrid Relax THCA
Indica Sleep THCA
Indica Sleep THCA
Delta-8 Indica Sleep
Delta-8 Indica Sleep
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Indica is a term introduced in the 18th century to refer to the variety of intoxicating cannabis strains initially found in India, producing seeds, fiber, and hashish. Sometimes they also receive the name “kush,” given after the Kush mountains that go all across India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Pakistan, which share the characteristic of providing pain-relieving and body-relaxing effects.

Besides describing the psychoactive effects this strain type can deliver, when you talk about indica or sativa, you’re also talking about the plant´s appearance. Indica plants are primarily short and stout, broad-leaf plants. Another good thing about indica plants is that they grow faster than sativa strains, having an average growth time of around 8 to 12 weeks.

One of the things that makes indica strains so potent is that they produce a lot of resin. So, with this kind of strain, you will surely get a sparkling trichome crystal coating in your cannabis flowers, which is abundant in full-body high and pain-relief potency. This also makes indica strains great for producing weed oil, kief, and other cannabis extracts. The high amount of fat-matter in the resin can make the extraction process more comfortable and abundant in the resulting product.

Strongest Indica Strains

Indica strains are well known for their medical uses in treatments with patients dealing with many different conditions such as nausea, insomnia, help treat acute pain, reducing anxiety, helping combat seizures, and treating lupus and multiple sclerosis.

Although most people associate indica strains with high couch-locking or highly sedative experiences, it is not always like that. Some balanced THC-CBD level indica strains can offer you a relaxing clear-headed high while still delivering that full-body, anti-anxiety, and symptom-relieving that are characteristic in these strain types.

Nonetheless, plenty of indica strains are high in THC level and can make the high experience stronger. A high-potency indica strain can make you feel a wave of true relaxation and peacefulness, increasing dopamine and giving you that just-want-to-relax feeling that makes it harder to just get out of the chair.

Sour Special Sauce

Sour Special Sauce hits with astonishing tart berries and a sweet diesel sharp aroma that will water your mouth. The Special Sauce daughter and the GG#4 strains are a delicious CBD flower that is perfect for a wake and bake or daytime use. Furthermore, its 16.9% CBD level and its shallow THC levels will make you feel relaxed without the energy-lowering effects some high in THC Indica strains can give.

Grape Lemonade

This bud is an iconic result from the Lemon Swiss strain’s crossbreeding with the infamous Godzilla strain that will deliver smooth grapefruit and lemon scents and a sweet jawbreaker-like flavor into your mouth.

Grape Lemonade will knock stress and anxiety away, but it moderated 18% of THC level will not punch you hard enough to leave you out of the game. Likewise, you will feel a soft and warm body-buzz that’s going to relieve pain and inflammation.

Cherry Blossom

Delivering delicious notes of sweetness and dark cherries both in smell and flavor, the exquisite Cherry Blossom truly honors its name. This strain is the result of the crossing of Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom. The long-lasting effects, rich taste, and the 11% of CBD level make the Cherry Blossom strain a perfect choice for the evening or after having a long and productive day of work.

Hot Blonde

This rare hemp strain comes from the crossing of the R5 and the Berry Blossom strains. Hot Blonde delivers dense lime-green-colored buds rich in terpenes that offer complex overtones of berries and floral fragrances. It is a CBD-dominant cannabis strain with a 10% CBD rate and very low THC, making Hot Blonde a perfect choice to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing time with friends or family.

Bubba Kush

The Bubba Kush strain is a perfect CBD flower choice for people dealing with sleeping difficulties, pain, or anxiety. Just like many strains breaded before legalization, Bubba Kush’s origins are surrounded by mystery as there are many different versions of it.

This delicious Indica hemp strain brings a dank, floral, citrusy, gassy, and fruity aroma. Bubba Kush can make you feel an upbeat and euphoric sense of wellness and inner peace, characteristic of strong indica strains.


With this out-of-this-world indica strain, you’re going to feel the force with you. With a THC level that can go up to 26%, the Lightsaber strain will make you experience a euphoric calm in your brain while taking you to a far and foreign galaxy.

This strong indica strain comes from crossing Alien Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg. Furthermore, it is a great mood regulator that will give a mellow and blissful body-buzz effect ideal to treat chronic pains, depression, nausea, and fatigue.

Wild Cherry Cola

Providing relaxing, sedating, and pain relief effects comes the refreshing Wild Cherry Cola. This indica-dominant strain emanates a sweet and robust fruity and earthy aroma that will leave you begging for more.

Wild Cherry Cola’s THC levels can reach up to 23.3%, and its small percentage of sativa has proven to help users stay focused, making the Wild Cherry Cola a tremendous strain for both night and daytime use.

Purple Skittles

The crossbreeding result from the BC Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps is the exquisite candy-like flavor Purple Skittles. This indica strain will deliver candy, fruity, and herbal scents combined with some smooth berry notes that leave the entire room smelling like sweet fruits.

Its purple and green buds with amber hairs coated in trichomes can present an approximate THC level of 10 to 15%, providing a calming body-relaxing effect perfect for treating insomnia, pains, and PMS.

Violet Flame

Hot and vibrant as the name suggests, Violet Flame is an excellent choice for those seeking a calmed and tingling buzz over the body. The potent and balanced effects of this indica-dominant hybrid strain are ideal for reducing pain, inducing relaxation, and dealing with depression and anxiety. Born from the crossing of Purple Urkle and White Flame 43, Violet Flame can reach an average of 20% THC level.

Alien Bubble Berry

The interplanetary cross from DJ Short's Blueberry and Alien Bubba gave this planet entrance to the cosmic Alien Bubble Berry. This indica strain offers sweet berry scents and spicy peppermint-like undertones with a thin but frosty resin layer full of trichomes.

Alien Bubble Berry can deliver a THC rate reaching 20 up to 25%, producing an active high and a gentle mellow buzz perfect for dealing with stress, anxiety, and pains.

Wookie Pebbles

Indica-dominant hybrid strains are well known for changing the entire perception of pain and helping with many conditions. The Wookie Pebbles strain is not the exception to this rule. Its delectable fruity smell and flavor added to the full-body effects this strain gives has anti-inflammatory properties and may help treat chronic pains, insomnia, and nausea.

Merlot Glue

Elegant dark green and deep purple hues buds that bring delightful earthy, fruity, and sour notes to your palate. This is what you will get from the Merlot Glue Strain, a strong indica-dominant strain resulting from the cross of Gorilla Glue #4 with Purple Bomb that is as elegant as a glass of Merlot wine.

Marlot Glue can reach THC levels of about 23% and will provide a powerful sense of relaxation enough to keep you locked to the couch.

Chardonnay Hemp Strain

This sweet and fruity indica-dominant hemp flower strain will make you feel you’re tasting a glass of the best chardonnay wine. The Chardonnay hemp strain comes from crossing Black Rose and Cherry Wine.

The Indica dominant profile and the high CBD content make the Chardonnay strain an excellent choice for having the relaxing and pain-relieving effects of an Indica without the psychoactive high of the THC. Ideal for wake-and-bake while still staying focused.

Golden Papaya

Suppose you have not tried this delicious tropical fruit yet. In that case, the Golden Papaya Strain can give a great idea of how its taste is like, delivering mildly sweet, earthy, and citrusy undertones that are reminiscent of mangoes and papayas. Coming from Kosher Kush and Papaya strains, Golden Papaya will knock you with a complete body relaxation and serenity produced by an 18% of THC level.


This fruity fragranced category 5 hurricane can reach a high 28% of THC. This is the crossbreeding result between the famous Do-Si-Do and the potent Purple Punch.

Slurricane’s high experience can be like hurricane winds, strong enough to make you want to jump into your bunker. This strain is a better choice for the night or the weekends as it will provide a time of deep relaxation due to its calming effects.

Mango Punch

If you feel like taking an inner trip to the tropic, then this rare indica-dominant strain is for you. Mango Punch emanates an irresistible mango aroma, and its high brings a rush of euphoria and a state of deep body relaxation thanks to its potent effects.

Due to this, Mango Punch is one of the strongest indica strains, making it a great pain-killer, muscle-relaxant, and works excellent fighting depression.

Strawberry Banana

Running between 22 and 26% of THC level, the Strawberry Banana strain induces a deep relaxation state with a joyful mental high. It hits with a sweet ripe-fruit like flavor that will wipe stress away. This Indica-dominant hybrid is ideal for nighttime use. However, some experienced users could deal with it perfectly during the day.

Death Star

Once you take a few hits from this 80% Indica strain you will surely understand why Death Star receives its name. This bud blasts anxiety and stress galaxies away due to its powerful 20 to 26% THC level. Death Star will promote laughs and positive energy. However, as it is a powerful Indica-dominant strain, some users may feel drowsy or too relaxed after some hits.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is an old favorite, considered as one of the strongest indica strains in the world. It is a 100% Indica mix of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani full of high potency that delivers a unique body-relaxing feeling. Furthermore, many consider Purple Kush a highly medical strain due to the wide range of benefits it can bring.

Ice Wreck

The infamous Ice Wreck offers consumers an almost psychedelic high experience. Reaching THC levels of up to 27.7%, the cross between Ice and Trainwreck can produce a heavy-hitting sense of relaxation while feeling the uplifting effects of its sativa side.

Kosher Kush

The trichome crystal-coated buds from this Californian strain are known for emanating a piney, lemony, and herbal aroma. Kosher Kush comes from an unknown Indica heritage and can contain THC levels reaching 20 to 25%. Although this strain can have a talkative or recreational side, consumers may find it better for nighttime use.


If any dispensary sells buds from this rare bud, we can confidently say that is probably one of the most potent indica strains they must have on their shelf. Some say that G-13 is a result of a crossbreeding experiment done by the U.S. Government that contains 20 to 24% of THC levels, delivering a euphoric and strong high. This is why many think G-13 is only suitable for experienced smokers.

Critical Kush

Famous for its therapeutic uses, Critical Kush will make you experience a full-body nighttime relief after a long day. This crossing between Critical Mass and OG Kush detaches a pungent lemon and piney aroma, erasing anxiety and chronic stress right away due to its 20 to 25% of THC.

MK Ultra

This is a strain that will blow away the mind of indica strain fans. Breeders named the MK Ultra strain after the CIA’s mental-control program, and it induces a dreamy and euphoric high sensation all over the mind and body. Coming from the G-13 and OG Kush strains, MK Ultra can contain 18 up to 23% of THC.

God’s Gift

Just like coming from a higher place, this indica strain truly earned the honor of being called God's Gift. The highly soothing, fast-acting, and upbeat effects of this 90's breaded strain are perfect for those seeking a heavenly high experience. God’s Gift contains an average THC level of 22%, and it can truly take you on a trip to paradise.

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