What is Smoking Hemp Flower Like?

A woman smoking a hemp flower joint

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After its legalization, hemp products have gained popularity in society. From CBD oils to edibles, everyone can have access to the benefits of this plant. Among these products, hemp flowers are one of consumers’ favorites, since smoking allows the substances of the plant to directly interact with your bloodstream. This delivers relaxing and relief effects almost immediately, which is an attractive property smokers are interested in. Nowadays, many people want to try out hemp flower by smoking it, but they don’t know the effects of it. Can it get you high? What does it taste like? If you’re interested in smoking CBD flower but want to do some research prior to it, this article will break it down for you. Looking to experience smoking hemp flower? Check out our best sellers below:

Does Hemp Flower Get You High?

Hemp flower won’t get you high. At least, not a totally legal and lab-tested CBD flower. The legal amount of THC content that a hemp product contains is only .3%. This is because THC is the substance that creates the so-called “high” of marijuana. Regardless of who the vendor is, if the hemp flower is considered legal, it won’t give you the same buzz you can expect from marijuana.

What Do People Use It For?

Hemp flower contains several substances, the most popular being CBD. This cannabinoid is great for treating multiple physical conditions; sore muscles, inflammation and chronic pains can be reduced by its consumption. In addition, its relaxation effects are perfect for people who seek calm feelings while hanging lucid and just want to have a good time. Another compound called CBG is also getting attention because of its amazing effects on the body; some studies have proven it to slow bacterial growth, inhibit cancer cells growth and reduce inflammation. Its several properties are enhanced thanks to the direct interaction of this substance with receptors of the endocannabinoid system in our bodies, helping to regulate sleep, mood and appetite.

Taste and Odor

Even though hemp flower and marijuana look very similar, the taste and smell are very different depending on how the CBD flower was processed. Hemp flower often tastes earthy and even has some nutty flavor to it, and if you take into account the terpenes—molecules of aroma found in different plants and trees—of each strain, you’ll find that the variations of flavor and odor are endless. High quality hemp flower, like Botany Farm's selection of craft hemp flower, will taste and smell very similar to many of the THC-rich cannabis flower strains you may have smoked, where each strain has a uniquely mouth-watering flavour that can range from fruity, to piney, to nutty, and beyond. However, be careful with CBD flowers that have grassy flavors to it; even though hemp is a plant with high levels of chlorophyll, good drying and curing methods are supposed to reduce the presence of this substance in the final product. If your hemp flower has a strong grassy flavor, it is most likely that it isn’t a high-quality flower. If you are curious about the effects of smoking hemp flower and would like to try out high-quality CBD, Botany Farms has a wide product line to get you started. Our CBD flower and pre-rolls have been produced with the utmost care for you to enjoy the benefits of hemp and have fun.

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