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Over the past couple of years, you might have heard the term zaza or ZaZa being used more and more often to refer to certain types of weed. But what is zaza smoke anyway? Is it a specific strain, a way to refer to cannabis with a certain taste or aroma, or something entirely different? In this quick guide, we dispel the rumors and lay out the facts about Zaza smoke.

What is Zaza Weed?

Using “zaza” to refer to cannabis is actually rather new. Nobody knows for sure when the phrase originated, but its popularity skyrocketed abruptly in late 2020 as the result of popular rap singles, such as “Runnin” by 21 Savage.

If you listen closely to that song, the word zaza is used quite a number of times. But it's unclear whether it refers to smoking weed in general or to a specific type, strain, taste, or something else. So it goes with many other rap and R&B singles from late 2020 and 2021, which begs the question: what is zaza smoke?

In the end, the mystery behind “zaza” is mostly semantic. The word arrived as a creative shortening of “zatic,” which until then had been used colloquially to refer to particularly exotic strains. This implies that a certain strain has particularly potent, therapeutic, arousing, or unique effects compared to others.

Sometimes, aspects such as a flower’s appearance, heritage, price, or prestige on the market also play a role. Or, in simpler terms, you could use exotic or any of its derivatives to just refer to weed that’s of high quality. So, exotic morphed into zatic, which then became zaza.

However, the story doesn’t stop there. There is a real strain of cannabis known as Zaza, which might help explain how we arrived at that word to begin with. Now, whether people like 21 Savage were rapping about zatic weed or specifically about the Zaza strain will probably remain a mystery. What we can do is take a good look at the actual Zaza strain and find out what makes it so special.

What is the Zaza Strain?

Zaza is an indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its exceptional potency and high-grade appearance. It’s mainly used as a daytime strain, though the unique hybrid effects offer some flexibility as long as you get your dosage just right.

Zaza Strain Appearance

The Zaza strain’s appearance is part of what makes this strain so unique. The buds grow large and bulbous and are generally dark green with some deep purple accents. The whole surface of each nug is covered in piercing white, frosty trichomes and fiery orange-red hairs.

Zaza Strain Genetics

The Zaza strain is derived from Rare Dankness #1 and Blue Dream. The former is a highly revered Indica-dominant hybrid crossed from the legendary Chemdawg OG, while the latter is Sativa-dominant with notable berry-like overtones and upbeat, high-THC cerebral effects. When combined, they make for a strong and impressive heritage that distinguishes Zaza as deserving of its lofty reputation.

THC Content

Zaza is relatively high in THC, courtesy of its parents. Levels of 19 to about 22% seem to be the norm for this strain, so keep track of your dosage if you are particularly prone to side effects.

Meanwhile, CBD levels hover somewhere in the very low single-digit range, rarely eclipsing two or three percentage points. Expect Zaza to perform like a heavy-hitting Indica.

Zaza Strain Terpenes

The dominant terpenes in Zaza are pinene, myrcene, and linalool, with some amounts of limonene. This makes for a diverse and fresh flavor spectrum and also lends the strain its trademark complex effect profile through the entourage effect.

Zaza Strain Effects

Zaza behaves like the best example of a high-THC, complex Indica-leaning hybrid strain. The high can be harsh, sudden, and very euphoric within a few minutes of onset.

Effects peak quickly and last longer before winding down to a cerebral, relaxing buzz that is sure to give you that classic Indica couch look. Zaza is also popular as a therapeutic strain because its potency can effectively treat conditions such as chronic pain or anxiety.

Zaza Strain Reported Flavors

The flavor profile of Zaza is kush-like, with strong diesel undertones and some skunkiness, especially as you exhale. However, on the inhale, you’ll also be able to make out fruity, particularly citrus-like flavors that hint at something more complex. Some people also report woody or slightly earthy flavors emerging from Zaza, along with the sweet-sour combo of berries, lemon, and gas that we found.

Zaza Strain Growing Info

Zaza is a surprisingly unproblematic strain to grow. Whether indoors or outdoors, this hybrid finds it easy to thrive in varying environments. Yields are decent, not exceptional, at around one ounce per square foot, sometimes slightly higher.

Indoors, under optimal conditions, Zaza’s flowering period can be just under 8 weeks, though 9–10-week periods aren’t so uncommon either. All in all, don’t expect too many surprises from this high-class strain when growing it yourself.

Strains Like Zaza Strain

If you enjoyed Zaza and are looking for other strains of cannabis that can match its indica-dominant, high-THC effects and unique vibes, then you have lots of options.

For example, Zombie Kush is a highly potent indica with major body effects and a super-high cannabinoid count that’s definitely worth checking out. Its trademark high has been nicknamed the “Zombie Look” for its cerebral and extremely potent sedating effects.

Zombie Kush and its autumn-colored buds and woody-fruity flavor profile aren’t exactly like Zaza’s, but they are a deserving complement to it that’s definitely on the same level of quality.

At Botany Farms, we carry a special high-CBD variant of Zombie Kush that’s perfect for winding down and shutting off late in the day! Or, if you’re so inclined, how about some Delta-8 Zombie Kush for all the power of high THC counts without any of the anxiety or unwanted side effects?

For fans of the excellent Zaza strain, we’d also definitely recommend Bubba Kush. This longtime classic, fan-favorite Indica hybrid strain is known for its thick, dark green buds, strong taste and smell reeking of sour earth and ammonia, and its high-THC knockout effects. At Botany Farms, we carry both high-CBD Bubba Kush flowers as well as convenient Bubba Kush pre-rolls – take your pick and enjoy this classic strain!

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