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CBD has bloomed in the hemp scene for its wellness effects. People have sought these therapeutic benefits in many areas of their lives, including sleeping problems, relaxation, and, most recently, their sexual health.

While some people have looked for hemp strains that could be useful for having better sex, other users have preferred looking at non-smoking CBD experiences. CBD Oil or tinctures are one of the most common ones.

We've developed a small guide if you are interested in how CBD Oil could be helpful in your sex life, including arousal, intimacy, and pleasure. This article will give you the best science-backed insights about CBD and sex and our top recommendations for CBD and hemp-derived products.

Key Takeaways

  • CBD oil is highlighted for its potential to improve sexual health by making individuals feel more relaxed, helping with pain, and reducing anxiety symptoms, which can be beneficial in the bedroom.
  • Research suggests CBD can help manage anxiety symptoms, which may indirectly support better sexual experiences.
  • While specific studies on CBD's direct effect on arousal are lacking, the article infers that CBD's interaction with the body's endocannabinoid system could help relax muscles, reduce nervousness, and potentially enhance arousal and pleasure.
  • CBD is also mentioned to possibly increase blood flow, improve nerve sensation, and boost pleasure-inducing hormones, leading to more satisfying orgasms.

CBD Oil and Sex

Across cultures, CBD has been used to support various ailments or therapeutic benefits. However, sex and CBD might be among the best power couples when talking about this cannabinoid’s wellness benefits.

Using a CBD-based tincture can provide support for different things that surround sex. This product can be helpful in the bedroom for yourself or your partner by making you feel slightly more relaxed, helping with pain, or reducing anxiety symptoms.

Research has noted that CBD has the potential to treat anxiety symptoms, particularly in people with intense social anxiety. So if you experience anxiety in the bedroom and want some potential natural support, a CBD tincture or oil might be a good help.

Does CBD Help with Arousal?

Currently, there are no specific studies that can confirm that CBD can have a direct effect on arousal. However, we can infer a few things from how CBD works with our body, including relaxing muscles, diminishing nervousness, and even increasing certain sex hormones. CBD can relax and soften up tense muscles thanks to how it interacts with our nervous system.

The human body part that works with CBD is called the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for several bodily functions like pain, hunger, and regulating certain hormones. By working around the proteins in the endocannabinoid receptors, CBD can help you relax and even help the body send signals to lower inflammation and muscle tension.

Now, it is also believed that cortisol production could be one of the factors that affect a low libido. And for women, things like lubrication, inflammation, and vaginal tension can be barriers to feeling aroused when having sex. Let’s delve into how CBD could help women.

CBD oil for Female Arousal

One of the most significant benefits studied by CBD researchers is the lowering of cortisol levels, thanks to this 1993 study. While essential to controlling stress that might happen during sex, research has shown that CBD could also allow for a condition called vasodilation and even sexual arousal.

During vasodilation, blood vessels expand and allow more oxygenation into tense muscles. Sometimes this can happen to people when they are aroused, specifically getting overwhelmingly hot and sweaty, but it also helps them feel more sensitive.

A few CBD-based edibles before sex could help with lubrication and overall tension in the pelvic area. While more clinical research is needed, CBD holds the potential to help with different areas that hinder arousal.

CBD Oil for Pleasure

Using CBD oil for pleasure might also be a great idea. And while you could use a CBD-infused topical ointment to help this way, food-grade tinctures can also help enhance pleasure.

In 2019, a review of existing research noted how cannabinoids in cannabis could lead to more intense, longer, and even more satisfying orgasms. The review mentioned how cannabinoids, including CBD, could affect female sexuality through the female gonadotropin pathways. In simple terms, it means that CBD has the potential to increase blood flow to tissues, improve nerve sensation, and increase the production of pleasure-inducing hormones.

These effects could make sex and masturbation more pleasurable, even elevating orgasms for you or your partner. There is also anecdotal evidence that users feel more intense sexual arousal when using cannabinoid-based products, like CBD.

CBD for Intimacy

Intimacy and self-exploration are essential parts of a healthy sex life. Cannabidiol could be helpful if stress, performance, and even nervousness are some of the recurring symptoms. Feeling stressed or nervous around your partner can be pretty tricky.

Claiming that CBD could fully solve intimacy problems would be a little too far-fetched. However, we can say that cannabinoids can ease stress and nervous feelings by lowering the cortisol levels in our brains. CBD could also be an excellent ally for specific conditions, like erectile dysfunction.

Of course, many factors could surround this diagnosis, including metabolism, blood pressure, obesity, and sexual anxiety. Let’s delve a bit into this problem and how CBD could have the potential to help you last longer in bed.

Can CBD Help You Last Longer in Bed?

Erectile dysfunction is not an easy topic; many men feel it could hinder their overall sexual experience with their partners. It is believed that cannabis and hemp could help treat this, and some studies back up this claim.

In a 2014 review, researchers noted that cannabis could improve general ejaculatory function. The researchers also found that it could help with sexual performance and even blood flow with better circulation. This could lead to better stamina while performing, facilitating longer-lasting sex.

While there is no current research on CBD for erectile dysfunction or overall sexual performance, it can help with some of the issues that affect performance. One of the main reasons for lower stamina during sex could be higher blood pressure, which research shows CBD can support.

Can CBD Help with Libido?

Cannabis users have said that taking a few hits can be helpful in getting their libido going, some even say they prefer certain strains for sexual exploration. However, hemp-derived CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system differently than marijuana, with THC as its main component.

As we mentioned above, CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system. Anecdotal evidence has said that this cannabinoid could be helpful, mainly due to its anxiolytic properties. This means it could help you relax and forget external stressors and anxiety. However, in general, studies about CBD and libido are inconclusive, and further studies are required to understand how it could help.

CBD Oil for Women's Libido

Now, when talking about women’s libido, it is also true that anecdotal evidence from users has noted that stress and performance anxiety can also be managed thanks to CBD’s natural properties. With that said, no particular studies exist on women’s libido with CBD.

However, a 2019 study noted how cannabis, in general, could improve sex for women. The study reported that overall satisfaction from using cannabis-based products with female users resulted in better sex drive, orgasms, lubrication, and overall sexual experience.

So with this, we could infer that the overall support to the endocannabinoid system can be helpful towards increasing libido in general. However, more testing and research are required.

Best CBD Oil for Sex

Enhancing your sex life can be a game-changer for yourself and your partner. So if you are interested in trying CBD oil, we have a few choices to help you decide at the Botany Farms store.

First, our Live Resin CBD tincture can be an incredible option to add CBD to your sexual health routine. This product contains 1500mg of high-quality full-spectrum CBD distillate, or about 50mg per serving. Thanks to the hybrid CBD strain, it has mellow lemon and sour apple notes. And, effect-wise, expect to feel relaxed yet social enough to get things going.

Now, if you want a slightly deeper sense of relaxation with a mild psychoactive effect, the Live Resin Delta-8 THC tincture might be a better choice. This product has 1000mg of CBD with top-shelf 500mg of our premium Delta-8 THC distillate. That means this product has psychoactive effects; some users have described it as a euphoric and buzzing mind sensation that pairs up with the solid relaxing impacts of both CBD and THC.

Last but not least, if you want an option that can help you fully relax, a CBN Live Resin + Delta 8 THC cart might be a better option. Besides having delicious pine, cream, and berry flavors, this vape cart can relieve muscle tension with a mild buzz.

If you feel like you need extra support for muscle relaxation, CBN could be more helpful than CBD. And with our delicious Delta-8 THC distillate mixed in, it has the potential to reduce overall tension quickly. It also has myrcene, an added natural terpene that could add to these relaxing effects.

You can learn more about cannabis and erectile dysfunction in this video.

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