Does CBD Make Your Eyes Red?

A person with a blue hoodie on holds their hands to their face rubbing their eyes.

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Dry climates, winds, smoke, maybe too much screen time, poor lighting, lack of sleep, allergies, or even a day at the pool. The causes of redness in the eyes can be many. It is no secret to anyone that people tend to associate red eyes and a goofy smile with the use of cannabis. But we know that there may be many people who are just getting familiar with the subject of cannabis, its effects, and symptoms of use. It is a mistake to throw all types of cannabis in the same bucket, especially regarding red eyes. Some may not yet know that red eyes occur from a specific strain of cannabis. Let’s dive into this topic and see it a bit more clearly.

Does CBD make your eyes red?

The direct answer is no. The bloodshot eyes that many associates with cannabis use come from using THC-rich cannabis. But, research in this regard concludes that CBD or Cannabidiol does not cause redness in the eyes. CBD itself is a partial agonist at CB2 receptors and can bind to other non-cannabinoid receptors. This means that CBD does not bind to endocannabinoid receptors in the same way that THC does; therefore, it does not cause the same effects.

Does CBD oil make your eyes red?

The reality is whether the CBD oil you take contains isolate or broad-spectrum CBD shouldn't cause red eyes. Nonetheless, there is a slight chance of experiencing eye redness when the CBD oil you take is full-spectrum and contains trace amounts of THC. In this case, the redness in the eyes would be caused by the percentage of THC contained in the CBD oil you are taking, but not directly by the CBD. But, it is very likely that if you experience red eyes when taking any full-spectrum CBD oil with a certain THC content, you will also experience psychoactive effects caused by THC. So, to avoid any type of intoxicating or psychoactive effect as well as red eyes, it is advisable to double-check the label of your CBD oil to make sure that it does not contain THC.

Does smoking CBD make your eyes red?

Here, in a way, the answer is pretty similar to whether CBD oil causes red eyes when we smoke the CBD from some kind of extract or full-spectrum vape cartridge that could contain traces of THC. In addition to CBD, some hemp strains can also carry small percentages of other cannabinoids, including THC. But, if it is federally approved industrial hemp, it should not contain more than 0.3% THC and, therefore, should not cause red eyes or any of the other effects associated with THC-rich cannabis.

Do CBD gummies make your eyes red?

As with CBD oil, it all depends on what type of CBD extract is contained in the CBD gummies you will consume. In any case, if the CBD gummies you are taking give you red eyes, the culprit behind this symptom is most likely THC and not CBD. Again, to avoid experiencing eye redness from your CBD gummies, make sure they do not contain any traces of THC to prevent any unwanted effects or symptoms.

Why do some cannabis products make your eyes red?

Redness in the eyes by taking some cannabis products occurs because some cannabinoids, primarily THC, its isomers, and other cannabinoids that produce psychoactive effects, bind to endocannabinoid receptors in a way that causes the blood vessels to dilate or widen. This dilation causes a drop in blood pressure but increases blood flow to certain body areas, including the eyes. This increased blood flow to the eyeballs is what causes the redness, which is not necessarily bad. But certainly, not everyone can afford to walk around with red eyes, as this is often a dead giveaway that they have been using cannabis. If this is the case, there is nothing to worry about as there are various ways or hacks to prevent red eye. As we just mentioned, red eyes from cannabis are not necessarily something harmful. In fact, some cannabis strains may be good for eye pressure as they may help to stabilize or reduce the internal pressure in the eyeballs. Some medical cannabis patients use cannabis for this purpose, claiming that some weed strains are excellent for glaucoma. Nevertheless, this belief needs further investigation as experts' opinions on this subject may differ from one another. Therefore, if you suffer from glaucoma or any other condition that affects intraocular pressure, it is best to consult your healthcare provider before you start using cannabis as part of your treatment.

The difference between CBD and THC

Both CBD and THC are natural compounds called cannabinoids that we can find in cannabis plants, with CBD being the predominant cannabinoid in the hemp plant and THC being the dominant cannabinoid in marijuana. Both cannabinoids have quite similar chemical structures and could provide practically the same potential therapeutic benefits attributed to cannabis, but at the same time, they share some quite significant differences. One of the most important differences, if not the main one, is that THC has psychoactive properties while CBD does not. This means that THC causes a high, but CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that does not cause an altered state of mind and does not produce the controversial high commonly associated with cannabis. Another critical difference between CBD and THC is the legal status of these compounds. Since 2018, when the Farm Bill entered into force, hemp and its derivative products, including CBD, became legal at the federal level. But, THC is still a scheduled substance that remains illegal in most of the US, except for some states that approve the medicinal or recreational use of THC-rich cannabis, better known as marijuana.

Where to buy CBD online

If you are looking to try CBD for yourself and want a quality product, at Botany Farms, we have just what you need! If you're looking for a CBD-rich hemp flower with delicious tropical and fruity flavors, our Sour Hawaiian Haze pre-rolls might be the perfect match for you. But if smoking is not your thing and you still want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, perhaps your ideal option is one of our delicious CBD gummies. These tasty treats are packed with our full-spectrum hemp extract distillate, and are 100% vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and contain no high fructose corn syrup. Both our Sour Hawaiian Haze pre-rolls and our CBD gummies contain less than 0.3% THC, so you don't have to worry about getting red eyes from taking any of these products. In case you want to add a little THC to your CBD experience, you might be interested in trying our Live Resin CBD Tincture. This tincture carries 50mg of CBD supplemented with 2mg of THC to create a synergistic effect that enhances the effects of both cannabinoids. Thanks for stopping by! Why not give some CBD from our farm a try?

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