Indica vs Sativa For Sex: Which is Better?

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For many people, sex and weed go hand in hand. The question is, what weed is the best sexual experience? Cannabis strains are generally divided into two main categories: indica and sativas.

Indicas produce a strong body high, often characterized by feeling heavy, tingling limbs, a profound sense of relaxation, euphoria, and general sedation.

Sativa strains are uplifting and energetic. Most people report feeling more creative, talkative, and euphoric when consuming a sativa strain. Also, these strains produce a stronger cerebral high than indica strains, which are more body-centric.

Based on this information, which of these two types of cannabis do you think would be better for sex?

Key Takeaways

  • Cannabis has the potential to make sex more enjoyable in various ways.
  • Among its many benefits, cannabis may help to increase sensory perception, increase libido, and creativity in the bedroom.
  • However, the effects you get from cannabis in relation to sex largely depend on the strain type, indica or sativa.

How Cannabis Can Impact Sex?

Although there are notable differences in how indica and sativa strains affect sexual experiences, there are some commonalities shared in how cannabis affects sex. Interestingly, cannabis can affect the physiological and psychological aspects of sex.

According to a study in the National Library of Medicine, 40% of 202 participants said that cannabis made their sexual experiences better. Roughly 74% of participants reported increased sexual satisfaction, while 60% reported an increased desire for sex. Close to 75% reported having an increased sensitivity to touch, and over 65% reported having more intense orgasms.

Furthermore, nearly 70% said that sex was more relaxing after having used cannabis, with just about 50% saying that they were able to focus on sex when cannabis was involved. As you can see from these numbers, cannabis can absolutely have a beneficial impact on sex!

Another often-cited study stated that cannabis can indirectly enhance sexual functioning, particularly in men, by increasing relaxation and decreasing anxiety. It may be that by decreasing anxiety and increasing relaxation, cannabis allows partners to achieve a closer bond and a deeper emotional connection.

Another report suggested that regular users of cannabis have sex more frequently than those who do not consume cannabis, which would also imply that cannabis positively affects libido.

According to yet another study in Sexual Medicine, the majority of women who consume marijuana before sex experience better orgasms, decreased pain, and increased sex drive.

We don’t even have time to talk about how terpenes influence sex!

Indica for Sex

Indicas are known for their body highs rather than cerebral highs. They are also more relaxing and sedating.

Relaxation and Anti-Anxiety

Seeing as indica strains of cannabis can potentially relieve symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, it could create a more relaxing and comfortable environment psychologically, allowing both partners to be more open to new sexual experiences.

Your Libido

If your libido is low because you're always stressed out and anxious, then a sedating and relaxing indica strain could help. According to research, cannabis can, indeed, increase both libido and sexual frequency.

However, highly potent indica strains may produce negative results if they sedate you to the point where they lower your libido and get you couch-locked.

As far as indica strains and libido are concerned, how they affect your sex drive depends on the strain type and potency. Edibles could be all you need to revive your engine! Enhance your sex life with Botany Farms' meticulously curated collection of edibles.

Our edibles fit seamlessly into your daily routine, offering a natural way to relax, rejuvenate, and restore. Try our Delta 9 Microdose gummies to experience the gentle uplift of Delta-9 THC. Pair this with the soothing calm of these tasty CBD gummies, and take your sex life to the next level!

Sensation and Satisfaction

Cannabis is known for producing increased sensation to touch and higher rates of orgasm, as well as sexual satisfaction.

Anecdotally, indica strains are best for increasing sensitivity to touch and, therefore, overall pleasure and satisfaction during sex.

Sativa for Sex

Now that you know why an indica might be a good choice for your next sexual experience, here’s why a sativa might be ideal as well.

Energy Levels

Sativa cannabis strains are known for being very uplifting, with many reporting that they feel more energetic after consuming sativa.

Simply put, having more energy could be more than enough to increase your overall libido and sexual desire and, therefore, the frequency of sex.

Mood Enhancement

Sativa cannabis strains make you more euphoric and happier, reduce symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, and help create a relaxed mental state.

So, yes, sativa strains can make you feel euphoric and relaxed. We all know the impact of feeling good and uplifted on sexual tension.

Mental Stimulation and Creativity

They often say, “Sex is in the mind.” So, as sativa strains are mentally stimulating, they can also make you feel more creative and inventive.

If your sex life has gone stale, or you and your partner are always doing the same things, a bit of creativity-inducing sativa might be the answer. Sometimes, creativity and inventiveness are all you need to bring the spark back into your relationship.

Indica vs Sativa for Sex: How to Choose

Now that you know what to expect from sativa and indica cannabis strains on your sex life, it's up to you to make a choice.

The Desired Effect

The desired effect is a top consideration when choosing between indica and sativa strains for sex. For instance, if a female partner is having trouble reaching orgasm or has limited sensory stimulation, an indica strain might be ideal.

But if the goal is to feel uplifted, energetic, and creative in the bedroom, then sativa is the way to go. Remember that THC produces a notable high, and if this isn’t your thing, you may prefer the effects of CBD instead.

THC Tolerance

Sativa strains often have high THC levels, which induce feelings of paranoia and anxiety. If you're worried about this, a low-THC indica or a low-THC sativa is recommended.

Personal Preference and Individual Needs

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer enhanced sensory perception and relaxation afforded by indica strains, and some want the creativity and energy provided by sativa strains.

Therefore, some trial and error might be necessary to determine your preference. If you need more energy, these CBG + Delta 9 + Caffeine gummies could be just what you need!

Best Cannabis for Sex

Let's take a quick look at some of the best cannabis strains for sex, both sativa and indica.

  • Green Crack: Green Crack is a potent sativa strain that may enhance creativity, focus, and energy levels, which can be helpful during sex.
  • Pineapple Express: Pineapple Express is another delicious sativa known for its uplifting effects. According to user reports, it is a great aphrodisiac.
  • Purple Punch: Purple Punch is a potent indica strain known for its relaxing effects, which could be ideal for people who need to mellow out before having sex.


Tips for Using Indica or Sativa for Better Sex

To ensure your sexual experience is enjoyable, here are some general tips, regardless of whether you're using an indica or a sativa.


If you're new to cannabis, it's always best to start slow. If you plan on consuming edibles, start with 5mg and see how you feel. It should be more than enough to achieve a notable high. Microdosing edibles is a good idea in this case.

If you are not consuming edibles but rather smoking flower, somewhere around 0.25 grams should be more than enough, or just one hit off of a potent vaporizer.


The timing matters, too. With edibles, it can take 30 to 120 minutes for the effects to kick in, so keep that in mind. However, if you're smoking or vaping, these kick in virtually immediately, so these can be done right before sex.

Integrating Cannabis Into Sex

One of the most difficult things is integrating cannabis into sex so that both partners are engaged. Here are some good ideas.

  • Try setting the mood with cannabis-infused aromatherapy oil, along with some candles and music.
  • To enhance intimacy and closeness, something as simple as vaping or smoking together before sex could be the answer.
  • There are plenty of cannabis-infused massage oils; giving each other a massage is always a good way to get the engines running.
  • Sharing a sensual meal of cannabis edibles intimately is also a great way to integrate cannabis into sex.
  • Consuming a sativa strain before sex may be a good idea if you and your partner need to open up and get more creative. Try a sativa strain and then have a brainstorming session.
  • Different cannabinoids can have different effects, too, such as Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC.

Indica vs Sativa for Sex: Frequently Asked Questions

Let's quickly answer some of your most frequently asked questions about indica versus sativa for sex.

Is Indica or Sativa Better for Male Arousal?

This depends on the person because the goal may be increased sensory perception and relaxation for some. For others, higher energy levels and increased creativity could be the sought-after experience. So, it all comes down to what you want!

Is Indica or Sativa Better for Female Arousal?

It’s not clear whether an indica or a sativa is better for female arousal. Once again, it depends on the individual. Some women may be more aroused by the creative, uplifting, and energetic nature of sativas. In contrast, other females may get more aroused by feeling kinky (read creative).

Does Sativa Make You Horny?

User reviews on consumer platforms suggest sativa strains have the potential to make you horny.

What is the Best Weed for Sex?

Another great strain for sex is Sour Diesel, a strain that can make you feel energetic and uplifted in the bedroom. On the other hand, if you feel a lot of stress and tension in the bedroom, an indica such as Northern Lights might be the answer.

Does Indica vs Sativa Matter in Edibles?

Yes, indica vs. sativa matters in edibles, just as much as with flower, vapes, and anything in between. Remember, however, that edibles react differently in your body than smoking or vaping and tend to result in a much stronger and more intense high.


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Disclaimer: The blog post is for general information and entertainment purposes only and is not intended as, nor should it be considered to be, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided on this blog is and the links are based on research from credible resources and medical experts as of the day of writing. It is meant to add to and not replace the advice of your healthcare professional.

While we aim to keep our content as current as possible, medical research is constantly advancing and new insights can emerge about how best to represent our understanding of these issues. The reader should always research the most recent medical advances relevant to their condition.

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