The 20+ Best Strains for Female Arousal in 2024

Woman smoking one of the best strains for female arousal on her bed

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Indica Sleep THCA
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When it comes to having fun in the bedroom with your partner or yourself, you might want to get creative to spice things up. One of the many ways you can take your sexual sessions to another level is with cannabis.

Yes, cannabis; this plant is mainly known for its medicinal properties, but it also has a long history of boosting libido. Many strains are reported to have arousing effects on their users. It also depends on their genetics and terpene profile.

Thus, finding the perfect balance will trigger your sexual stimuli, and your sex drive will increase, ending up hitting all the right spots so you can enjoy sex to the fullest.

Key Takeaways

  • Studies show that the relationship between marijuana use and sex experience in women can be different from that of men.
  • Experimenting with cannabis and combining it with an intercourse experience will result in much more intensified pleasure and long-lasting orgasms.
  • Arousal refers to the situational experience and how our body reacts when receiving direct sexual stimuli.

What Strains are Good for Arousal?

Many people might think that libido or sex drive and arousal are the same, but actually, they are not. Libido refers more to the part that the mind plays in sexuality or our base interest in sex. We can recognize libido as our desire or sexual appetite. This sexual desire is linked to the brain and how attractive the sexual act or activity is to us mentally rather than to our genitals.

On the other hand, when we talk about arousal, we refer to the physiological response our body has to sexual stimuli or how it reacts when starting or having sex. Therefore, we could summarize that libido is that intense feeling of desire when you think about sex. Arousal refers to a situational experience, i.e., how our body reacts when receiving direct sexual stimuli.

Regarding the differences between libido and arousal, there may also be slight variations between strains that make them better for boosting both differently. Other factors can also influence libido and arousal, such as our biology.

That´s why some marijuana, hemp, and derived cannabinoid varieties like Delta-8 Lemon Diesel CBG (considered one of the current best Delta-8 choices for arousal) may work just as well in both genres. But other strains may be better for male arousal than female arousal. This is because the effects on female sexual functions may significantly differ from those on men.

What Strain is Best for Female Arousal?

You might be surprised to know how cannabis can alter the sexual experience in all people. Nonetheless, sexuality does not work the same way for everybody and may greatly vary from person to person, regardless of gender. Still, the differences between men and women may be more marked since libido and arousal develop very differently according to the biology of both genders.

In fact, studies show that the relationship between the use of marijuana and sex experience in women can be different from that of men. This is why, if you compare a list of the best cannabis strains or edibles for male arousal vs. the best strains or edibles for female arousal, you may find certain differences in the listed products or strains.

So, choosing just one variety as the best strain for female arousal can be tricky; many factors go into it, and not everyone reacts the same to different cannabis strains.

Nevertheless, many users agree that the worldwide famous Sour Diesel is one of the best candidates to be the best strain for female arousal. Sour Diesel is one of the best Diesel weed strains and is also a predecessor to other popular strains like the popular Bio-Diesel and Sour Tangie Diesel.

This is not just because Sour Diesel is a naturally limonene-rich variety, which is one of the best terpenes for sex. The high limonene content of this strain, along with the sativa nature of this variety and its cannabinoid content, generates effects that put you in the perfect mood to have unforgettable moments of intimacy, both with your partner and in solo intimacy.

Also, check out our blog for the best strains for male arousal here.

Best Strains for Libido

Strains that contain Terpinolene, Limonene, and Linalool as terpenes are considered excellent for improving sexual arousal. If you struggle to get things going, try the following:.

1. Do-Si-Dos

With its captivating aroma and scent, Do-Si-Dos is a well-known indica-dominant hybrid strain that will send waves of euphoria through your body and leave you feeling very relaxed. With up to 30% THC and its primary terpene being limonene, this strain is the favorite of many cannabis experts for the relaxing effects it produces.

2. Wedding Cake

This potent Indica dominant hybrid is a well-balanced strain that will produce positive effects while calming your mind and body. With more than 20% of THC, this strain is exceptional for a calm, anxiety-free sex session.

Best Strains for Masturbation

If you are looking to enjoy some time alone between the sheets, then the best strains for masturbation must include the terpene Linalool. These will enhance your solo session by having a lovely, calming yet energetic effect.

1. LA Confidential

It is also known as Confidential OG. This popular Indica strain delivers a fast-approaching sensation that boosts and feels calming on the mind and body. It eliminates stress, and in its place, your imagination and creativity overflow.

2. Amnesia Haze

This is the perfect Sativa strain to start the day with a smile. Amnesia Haze is an award-winning strain that will give you an uplifting buzz and the energy to start your day with a stimulating solo play.

Best Strains for Anxiety

Many people have a disrupted sex life due to stress, anxiety, pain, and many other reasons that can affect their mood and make sex an uncomfortable experience. Consuming the following strains right before you have a sexual encounter with your partner will increase physical sensation and lower inhibitions, leaving your body relaxed and free of any anxiety or stress.

1. Bubba Kush

The potent Bubba Kush is an Indica that will ease both your body and mind in no time. Thus, a few puffs will help you ease your mind and let go of anxiety for a perfect performance.

2. Skywalker OG Kush

With more than 20% THC level and its spicy herbal aroma, the Skywalker OG is an indica-dominant hybrid. This strain will leave your head in the clouds, euphoric and extra relaxed. Due to these powerful effects, this strain is ideal for anyone suffering from chronic stress and mild to moderate depression.

3. Blueberry Lamsbread

As a Sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain is a good choice for day or evening use. The effects stimulate creativity, which slowly fades into a mellow relaxation. As such, many users use this strain for anxiety during sex.

4. Kosher Kush

This well-known Indica strain is considered one of the tastiest strains in the market. You get to experience a pronounced relaxation that will soothe any unconformities; in some cases, sleep often follows close behind.

Best Strains for Pain

Evidentially, one of cannabis’s primary uses is to alleviate any pain you may be feeling due to an injury or some symptoms of a type of chronic illness that can also affect people in their sexual lives.

If you worry that pain stops you from enjoying yourself to the fullest, look for strains that contain pain-relieving terpenes such as Beta-Caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene, and caryophyllene.

1. Zkittelz

Users classify this strain as one of the most potent strains to treat pain. As an indica-dominant with THC levels ranging from 19 to 23%, this strain keeps your body and mind in sync and is fun to try with your partner during foreplay to reach a much more powerful orgasm.

2. G13

This is a well-known strain in the medical cannabis community for being a potent reliever for migraines, muscle spasms, and joint pains. Once you try it, you will soon realize why this is considered a super strain; the effects set in quickly.

A few tokes already put you in a good mood and soothe any aches. Although it is not a strain for novices, it has a balanced high that can make you feel euphoric.

3. Cannatonic

Cannatonic is a hybrid with mostly CBD effects that patients use to treat pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, and migraines. Cannatonic has all the medicinal effects and relief you might seek in a strain. It relaxes your mind and body, removing stress and muscular pain.

4. Harlequin

This strain is a Sativa-dominant that provides clear-headed effects. Its high CBD levels allow you to treat pain and anxiety by amplifying its painkiller properties. Users who use Harlequin before sleeping and right after sleeping. Either way, they feel great and energized to carry out their daily activities with no soreness.

Best Strains for Experimentation

Trying out new things can make some people nervous, but the results are worth it if you have a good time. Experimenting with cannabis and combining it with an intercourse experience will result in much more intensified pleasure and long-lasting orgasms.

If you want to have a whole experience and discover new ways to connect with your partner and enhance the enjoyment, try indica or hybrid strains and combine them with massages and more touch. These strains make these actions feel so much more profound and unforgettable.

1. Granddaddy Purple

GDP is an indica strain high on relaxing Myrcene, anxiety-curbing Caryophyllene, and uplifting Pinene. After a long day, many people have a hard time slowing down their brains because of the stress, but GDP makes sure you are relaxed and aroused to have a more sensual experience.

2. Trainwreck

What a tremendous strain for foreplay time! High in euphoria-inducing myrcene, uplifting pinene, and sedating terpinolene, Trainwreck will hit you in the brain. You will get a boost of euphoria and creativity, intensifying your sensations. Its users call it the best pre-sex strain.

3. Atomic Northern Lights

The perfect strain to lower inhibitions and boost confidence. The dreamy effects you will experience will melt into a full-body relaxation that crushes any stress and allows you to breathe deeper without any troubles.

It's ideal for blowing off steam after a long day. Your body and mind will find a balance to carry out any activities. This strain is great for afternoon or early evening use.

4. Blue Dream

Do you want to know what heaven looks like? This sativa-dominant has fast-acting cerebral and uplifting effects that will help you. By consuming the Blue Dream strain, you will likely feel an increase in focus and motivation. Suited for any time of the day, Blue Dream is also considered an aphrodisiac.

Best Strains to Relax

One of cannabis’s primary purposes is to give you a relaxing experience. However, if you are looking for more soothing relaxation, you should look for strains with a higher THC content than CBD.

1. Master Kush

With almost 20% THC, Master Kush is a popular Indica strain with a superb balance of full-body relaxation without numbing effects. Instead, it produces a sharpened sensory awareness that can bring out the best of any activity.

2. Mr. Nice

Primarily known as Mister Nice Guy, it is an Indica strain that produces mellow effects and puts its consumers in bliss. It has 17% THC, and many patients use it as a medicine to help relieve symptoms associated with depression.

3. Animal Cookies

This hybrid strain will impress even the most veteran consumers. It has potent medicinal effects that will overkill mild symptoms. Its ability to ease severe pain and insomnia is unprecedented.

Best Strains for Increased Sensation

Many strains increase and change tactile sensations for the better. Balancing your favorite THC-dominant strain with a CBD-dominant strain will give you a rich terpene profile, provoking a spike in your sensitivity.


As a sativa-dominant strain with 14% CBD and less than 1% THC, ACDC will not produce any intoxicating effects. Instead, it will help you treat various ailments like epilepsy, anxiety, and the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

2. Bubblegum Kush

This indica-dominant leaves its users fully relaxed and glued to the couch, making it ideal for users who struggle with insomnia and depression. It also contains high arousal properties, which makes it an ideal strain to try later at night with your partner.

3. Sour Diesel

Probably one of the most popular strains, this Sativa-dominant is high in uplifting limonene, peppery caryophyllene, and fruity, relaxing myrcene. This strain is perfect if you have in mind a long session of sex-making with your partner, as it intensifies the experience.

4. Jillybean

A hybrid strain promoter of creativity and uplifting effects, Jillybean is mainly called a ‘‘social butterfly’’ strain, as you will feel thrilled and energetic. It is very sex-inducing and has excellent properties for muscle spasms. In general, it is a powerful weapon against depression.

Always start with a low dosage and measure how much you and your partner want to consume and what activities you want to realize, as you do not want to get ‘‘couch-locked’’. With the right combination of cannabis, your lovemaking session will go to the next level and last for as long as you want.

Although there are many consumption methods, the combustion of buds can instantly make you feel aroused because cannabinoids pass through the bloodstream and then to the brain, so you will quickly feel temptations in your whole body. Also, check out our post about the best edibles for female arousal.

Is Indica or Sativa Better for Arousal?

Giving a short answer to this question can be somewhat complex, as there are many aspects of human physiology and variations between different cannabis strains that go into this decision. Additionally, each user´s specific conditions, needs, and personal preferences are also determining factors.

Despite this, Sativa strains are favorable for increasing arousal. One of the main characteristics of pure Sativa strains and Sativa-leaning hybrid strains is that they naturally boost energy by generating a more cerebral high with more psychedelic activity compared to Indica strains.

Good energy levels are great for arousal and sex, and boosting energy is just what sativa strains do. In addition, the cerebral high of these varieties may also improve intimacy because the mind plays a huge role in sexuality.

That´s why, most of the time, at the moment of getting intimate, whether solo or with your partner, what happens uptown may be much more important than what happens downtown. But how cannabis alters the sexual experience differs significantly for men and women and may also vary from person to person.

This is why, while Sativa strains may be better for arousal for some, for others, some hybrid strains with an Indica leaning may suit better. It all depends on the condition of each person. For example, if your condition is a lack of energy or motivation when it comes to intimacy, a mainly Sativa strain may be indicated for you.

On the other hand, if you have performance anxiety issues or bothersome pains, the proper dose of an indica-leaning strain like Bubba Kush might work better. The dominant cannabinoid in each variety also tremendously influences how cannabis affects sexuality.

Therefore, THC strains may be more favorable for some, but for others, hemp strains or even CBD oils may be better for sex. In any case, the best thing to do is choose a strain that suits your needs and try it on different occasions with different strains to discover which one works best for you. If you want to learn more, check out the video below.

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